Analyze. Advertise. Grow. Repeat!

With our Premium Web Addons, devising a long-term marketing strategy to outmatch your competitors has never been easier:

Comprehensive analytic data
Real-time chat and customer track
Newsletter systems with E-mail templates
And more...

Premium Web Addons are software that are integrated into your website to provide powerful tools for your business.

A Few Examples of Premium Web Addons


Online Appointment

Eliminate calls and hassles with our online booking application. Business meeting? Salon appointment? All can be done on your website, with no monthly fee!


Website Monitor

Nothing hurts a business more than a non-working website. With this 24/7 monitor tool, we are committed to keep your website online, safe and sound.


Online Merchant

Start selling online today! Online merchant is an easy way for a huge bonus extra income from 24/7 shop!


Users’ Feedback

Hear your clients. Show them you care. Analyze and keep them coming back!


Pop-ups Master

Convert your visitors into leads. Promote your deals with crazily attractive pop-up box. It's an easy way to earn more!


Newsletter System

Keep your customers updated with news, promotion and new products. Mail all at once and gather information regarding their interests.


Real-time chat

Stay in touch with your clients, anytime, anywhere, on any devices. Build trusts and credits couldn't be easier.


Google Analytic

Smart and comprehensive traffic analytic tool for your website. Find out which ads work best, what people search for the most... and stay on top of the game!

Some Deluxe Extensions are subject to a one-time license fee and website license type. Not sure if we can cover yours? Ask us!


All websites powered by Premium Web Design are also packed with those features* – by default.

Responsive Websites

Your website will look perfectly on screens of all sizes, from traditional desktop to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. There are many websites out there that are not just mobile-optimized; thus starting with us means taking one step closer to outmatch your competitors.

Optimal Speed

Every 100 millisecond of your website’s speed costs 20% of your traffic (Google), affecting thousands customers daily. With our free Content Delivery Network that scatters your optimally compressed website across the globe on top of a fully-cache server optimized especially for businesses, your website is just a blink away from your customers.

Always up-to-date

Technology evolves, and more and more websites are becoming outdated. There are security holes that affect your website and damage your reputation, and can even hurt your customers. While most agency will charge you a huge monthly fee to take care of those updates, it’s free with us.

Unlimited branding E-mails

E-mails are the easiest way to brand your business and display your professionalism; and other companies just love charging you for it. Not with us. Websites powered by Premium Web Design allow you to create unlimited E-mails with full POP3 and IMAP support to use on phones or integrate with other services and applications, by default.

24/7/365 Support

While some businesses don’t run on holidays, some do; and it is necessary to have a stable support everywhere, everytime to back up and keep your business on track. At Premium Web Design, we committed to deliver a 100% customer satisfaction, so you can spend your time on more important matters.

Maintenance Page

Even when we just start on your website, we won’t let your business sit there for nothing. The time when we are building your website can be used to start advertising about your business and attract new customers, thus establish a good source of traffic for search engines. We’ll show you how to utilize all these concepts to have a head start.

(*) Subject to customers’ choice.


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